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  • Local Grape Grower
  • Veteran Police Officer of 29 years and member of multiple committees
  • Grape Growers of Ontario Board of Directors
  • Grape Growers Liaison with the NOTL Chamber of Commerce
  • Grape and Wine Festival Board of Directors
  • Grape Growers Sustainability Committee Chair
  • Previous Regional Irrigation Committee Member
  • Co-owner of Ferox Winery
  • Niagara-on-the-Lake Lions Club Member
  • Former Niagara-on-the-Lake Volunteer Firefighter 

my vision

"To bring my unique skills and experiences to NOTL Town Council for a holistic team approach that best represents the entire town of  Niagara-on-the-Lake."

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As a farmer and former NOTL councillor I know how important it is to have sufficient knowledgeable representation on our Council from our unique agricultural industry. As a member of that agricultural industry, Erwin Wiens can help to provide that important perspective at our Council table
— Austin Kirkby
Protecting our farm land has to be a priority for our town. Canada is a large country, however the area where we can grow tender fruit and vegetables is relatively small and must be protected. I can’t see anyone better suited to speak for the farming community than a farmer. Erwin will get my vote
— Klaus W. Reif Owner, Reif Estate Winery
For the past 9 years I have watched in amazement as you [Erwin] have balanced your life as a Husband, Father, Police Officer, Business Owner/Farmer and Volunteer for the Niagara Lions Club. In all you do you exemplify honesty, fairness and dedication. Your willingness to examine the issues and listen to our communities problems and concerns with an open mind sets you far apart from other candidates.
I know you will use these qualities to create a better balance between the Niagara on the Lake Town Council and the residents of Niagara on the Lake. I want to express my support for your campaign and my intention to vote for you in the upcoming election.
— Catharine Wickabrod Chair, Niagara on the Lake Community Safety Committee & President, Niagara Lions Club
I’m proud to call Erwin Wiens a friend of mine. He understands the needs of urban and rural residents through his work in farming and law enforcement. Most importantly, Erwin gives generously of his time and resources to support important community and charitable causes throughout the town. Erwin is running for the position of town counsellor in Niagara on the Lake and I know he will be great for the job.
— Joe Pillitteri Owner, Lakeview Vineyard Equipment Inc.

About Me

Hi, MY NAME IS erwin

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I am a grape grower, winery owner, public servant, tractor-loving dad, and resident of Niagara-on-the Lake. Our family lives on Concession 1 where we manage 160 acres of wine grapes. As a second-generation grower, I understand the issues, concerns, and challenges associated with agriculture because I live them every day. I promise to bring my experiences and leadership to town council to offer unique perspectives on the intersections between policy, business, and life living off the land.